Peter Fahlström – Lestrup Racing Team

Peter Fahlström – Lestrup Racing Team

28 June 2019

What inspired you to sign up for the inaugural TCR SPA 500?

A start grid with only TCR cars for a 24H race at Spa is like: World Championship in TCR Endurance.

What can you tell us about your own personal history at Spa-Francorchamps: when and what was your first race at Spa, and what would you say is your most memorable race at the circuit?

This is my 4th race at Spa, unfortunately my last race at Spa12H 2018 ended at Eau Rouge with a totaled car and me to hospital, so I hope for a better race this time!

For fans watching around the world, which parts of the track do you feel will be the most spectacular to watch?

  • - Eau Rouge/Radion
  • - The 2 double left corners on the way down the track with a lot of load and speed.
  • - Blachemon is also cool turn in heavy load and speed

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