Mats Olsson – Lestrup Racing Team

Mats Olsson – Lestrup Racing Team

28 June 2019

What inspired you to sign up for the inaugural TCR SPA 500?

My first thought was the opportunity to race without look in the mirror 75% of the race time.

What can you tell us about your own personal history at Spa-Francorchamps: when and what was your first race at Spa, and what would you say is your most memorable race at the circuit?

In order to understand my interest of racing we have to go back to the late 1960. I was reading race magazine and follow the struggle between Porsche 917 and Ford GT 40. 30 year later was my first visit to SPA. Formula one and á fantastic overtaking of Mika Häkkinen.

2017: My first driving at SPA. A trackday with BMW. Two weeks later the Creventic 12 hours race. It was 12 hours race in rain.

2018: We started the Creventic 12 hour race with a brand new Golf TCR dsg. After 6 hour it ended in tire barrier at Eau Rouge.

2019: TCR SPA 500. Incredibly.

It is a fantastic opportunity to participate in 12 H and 24 H race 50 years after my first experience of racing.

For fans watching around the world, which parts of the track do you feel will be the most spectacular to watch?

When you drive Eau Rouge is number one in the world. My experience as spectator is that Spa has fantastic natural platform al around the track.

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