About the TCR SPA 500 | AC Motorsport – Arnaud Quede

About the TCR SPA 500 | AC Motorsport – Arnaud Quede

29 May 2019

AC Motorsport joins the TCR SPA 500! Arnaud Quede, team manager of the Belgian team, explains why he is excited for the upcoming TCR SPA 500. 

What inspired you to sign up for the inaugural TCR SPA 500?

You know that AC Motorsport likes Endurance.That’s why we bought the AUDI RS3 and drive first to the 24H SERIES.  Up until now we were the first and only one Belgium team to do that. And, we like of course the track of Spa. 

What can you tell us about your team history at Spa-Francorchamps: when and what was the first race at Spa, and what would you say is your teams most memorable race at the circuit?

My first visit at Spa was as a tourist, since I was young I like tourism car.  I followed the dubois racing team and now WRT.  I have said in the past : "One day I will do the 24 hours of Spa.  500 laps are around 24 hours, aren’t it? 😉"

We drive at Spa since  for more than 10 years ago.  We drive there very often with the fun cup and each year we do the 25 hours of Spa with 8 vw fun cup.  One of the best was when we finish at the 1st position last year after the biggest remontada (we started the race at the last position P82 😊) The second best experience was at the last 12 hours. After a big crash we rebuild the car during the night and finish the race P3. 

For fans watching around the world, which parts of the track do you feel will be the most spectacular to watch?

 The raidillon of course, we arrive in this part very fast and we need to keep the feet on the pedal if you don’t want to see the wall in your face 😉

How do you feel your car will perform around Spa compared with your direct competition?

I think we know the car better than most of them as we do a lot of endurance with the Audi.  Nevertheless, most of the teams have higher experience than us but with our strategy, setup, knowledge I hope we can do the difference


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