24H TCE Series @ Portimão | Autorama Motorsport wins again

24H TCE Series @ Portimão | Autorama Motorsport wins again

22 July 2019

The Volkswagen Golf GTI of Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing secured its fourth outright victory in this year’s 24H TCE Series at the 24 hours of Portimão.
The Golf, shared by Stefan Tanner, Ralf Henggeler, Marlon Menden, Yannick Mettler and Jérôme Ogay, completed 641 laps and this meant that the Swiss outfit reinforced its lead in the standings of both the 24H TCE Series Europe and Continents.
Behind the race winners, the AC Motorsport Audi RS 3 LMS took its third podium finish of the year in second position, despite losing a wheel with only two hours to go. The podium was completed by the Nordschleife Racing Peugeot 308 in spite of two fuel pump failures in the final 40 minutes.
The Red Camel-Jordans CUPRA was a contender, but then it suffered from a suspension failure before ending its race with a high-speed shunt into the barriers at Turn 1.
The 24H TCE Series will return into action at the 24H Barcelona on 30 August/1 September.

1. Autorama Motorsp., VW Golf GTI; 641 laps
2. AC Motorsport, Audi RS 3 LMS; 19 laps
3. Nordschleife Racing, Peugeot 308; 35 laps

European Championship points
1. Autorama Motorsport 84 pts;

2. AC Motorsport 69;

3. Red 44

Continents Championship points
1. Autorama Motorsport 58 pts;

2. AC Motorsport 44;

3. Bas Koeten Racing 28

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